The one thing I wish I knew

As a first time mom there are so many things people explain to you or tell you of what to expect once your new baby comes. However, if I could go back to being pregnant for the first time, the one thing I wished someone talked more with me about was breastfeeding!

So many people asked me while I was pregnant if I planned on breastfeeding. My answer every single time was yes. My knowledge on breastfeeding at that point was very limited. I was under the impression that if my baby latches on then great! I’ll breastfeed because ‘breast is best’ (how naive of me). If she doesn’t latch then I’ll have to switch to formula. Simple as that. Or so I thought!

When I answered yes to the question of breastfeeding my child every single person said good and moved onto something else. Not one person explained any of the difficulties that could come with breastfeeding. And honestly I had many surprise difficulties.

But those difficulties are not necessarily what I wish someone talked more with me about. The number one topic I wish somebody talked more about with me while I was pregnant is how to get a good latch! This is a simple thing every single new mom can take 10-15 minutes while pregnant to look into.

I went into labor with no idea about the different holds and what a good latch is and how to achieve this latch. I honestly thought breastfeeding was just natural and both my baby and I would just naturally know what to do. Not the case for me! Our first initial latch shortly after birth was very painful, a complete shock, and felt like my newborn baby had teeth! I just stuck it out and kept going. I had a lactation specialist come in the next morning to check in. This was the first person to even explain what a good latch is and how to position her to get that latch.

Over time my daughter and I got much better at breastfeeding but I feel the damage to my poor nipples started from that very first latch. If someone told me to look into latch techniques ahead of time I may have been more prepared and may have been able to salvage my nipples.

All you new expecting moms, I strongly urge you to looking into how to get a good latch! It may help prevent some postpartum stress!




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