My Favorite Newborn Item

One thing I purchased after having my first child was the Baby Breeza Formula Pro.

Initially, I had planned to exclusively breastfeed. That changed after a couple weeks and I began to introduce formula to her diet. Eventually, we found a formula that worked for her and slowly she was completely weened off breast milk and exclusively formula fed.

We prepared her formula the old school way of measuring out the scopes and water combination. We always tried to get the temperature just right. This usually was taking place all while Ellie was crying for food. The Baby Breeza took all the guess work out of it!

We simply place her bottle in the Baby Breeza and select how many ounces and hit start. Within seconds her bottle is ready for her! This become our favorite item during the middle of the night feedings! I placed the Baby Breeza on my nightstand and when Ellie would wake up in the middle of the night I could just hit the start button all sleepy eyed and give her bottle to her in the bassinet.

Both my husband and I saw the real benefit of the Baby Breeza when night time fell. We loved it during the day but it really shined for us at night!

If you are wondering what you really need or don’t need for your child, I would highly recommend spending the money and getting yourself a Baby Breeza!




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