I Need Alone Time But I Miss My Baby

Alone time?! I’ve learned since becoming a mom that alone time is necessary! That break is needed for both mental and physical health! the frustrations, anger, stress, overwhelmed mind all fade after a nice break.

I get it, you’re elbows deep in diapers, feedings, tears, naps, cleaning, laundry. A mom break is not as easy as it sounds. However, the biggest struggle I find with a mom break is missing your child the entire time your away from them! Can you relate?

Every time I’m not with Ellie I feel like I should be. I’m her mom, I should be caring for her. I know I need this break and that it’s good for both of us. I still can’t help but constantly think of her and even end my mom break early to go back to be with her.

What is she doing right now?

Did she eat enough?

Did she get her naps in?

Is she having fun or is she having a rough day?

Did she experience any new “firsts”

I bet she misses her dogs!

I wonder if she had any wipe outs?

Did I pack enough diapers?

These are just some of the thoughts I have when Ellie and I are not together. I’ve learned motherhood is being so excited for a break and then missing your kids the entire time you are gone!




2 thoughts on “I Need Alone Time But I Miss My Baby

  1. Ha ha! This is so true. And it doesn’t get easier the more kids you have – at least it hasn’t for me. I have five and I still feel like that.

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