The decision between being a stay at home mom or a working mom and how it effected my PPD

Initially this seemed like an easy decision. Most women are faced with the decision and life changes of being a stay at home mom or a working mom. Now first let me say both roles require WORK…no doubt about it! My entire life I always just assumed I would be a working mom if I were to ever have kids. I considered myself a workaholic! I began working at the age of 12 and from then on I always had a job, sometimes, multiple jobs.

Years later I found myself pregnant with my first child. This came when I found myself in a great career which I absolutely loved! My day to day grind was enjoyable and yet challenging to me! I remember my boss asking me what my plans were after I had this baby.

“Will you be returning to work?”

Is this even a question I thought to myself. Did I give my coworkers/boss the impression that I would not be coming back?

“Absolutely!” I replied.

I felt like it would be good for my baby to have a routine, to be around other kids, to have to listen to someone other than mom and dad. I also felt it was important for me to have my own life too. Becoming a mom is wonderful and a job in itself but for me personally I didn’t know how to not get up and go to a job each and everyday.

Then maternity leave hit me! I literally felt so overwhelmed and exhausted and being a mom was significantly harder than I ever thought it would be. I had no idea how I would return to work just to come home and make dinner while watching my baby and get her to bed on time. How can I add all this extra stress when I felt I was already stressed to the max. How am I supposed to add one more thing to my plate?

Not just the added stress and things to do, how was I going to let someone else care for my baby each day? I want to be there to see all her firsts, I don’t want to to share those moments with someone else and have to hear about it later.

At my initial PPD appointment, my doctor first told me not to worry about work yet. I still had 8 weeks left of my maternity leave. She also told me she thought I should try to go back and take it day by day. She also reminded me not to quit my job on a bad day. If it didn’t work out then fine, stay at home with your baby. There is nothing wrong with that. But at least give it a try.

I felt like that was awesome advise! I wanted to stay home with my baby but when it came time to return to work I did just that. I took it day by day and honestly to my surprise each and everyday I felt a little better. Yes, I had more on my mind, I had extra task I now needed to complete but I also enjoyed my evenings with my baby that much more.

Going to work during the day and doing something for me and spending the evenings with my daughter was just the “break” I needed! Before I became a mom I thought I definitely would be a working mom, during my maternity leave I fully wanted to be a stay at home mom, I returned to work and loved it! This is a personal choice for each and every mom! Working is what worked for me and my family!




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