10 Postpartum items I didn’t know I needed (#6 and #8 Are an absolute MUST!)

I never gave much thought about what happens after giving birth. I knew Giving birth would be painful and I would have bleeding, but I had no idea how gross I would actually feel. I had what they call 3rd degree tearing. I didn’t even know what this meant until I googled it once I got home (I’ll leave that to you if you’d like). There were items the hospital provided me but there were also items I needed to gather on my own.

Here are the 10 essential items I needed for my postpartum recovery.

  1. Peri Bottle
3 Best Peri Bottles For Hygienic Post-Partum Washing

I honestly have no idea what it would be like to go to the bathroom without this because I was way too scared to even try! I used these bottles for weeks on weeks!

2. Depends

These were great at night! I had to be careful though because just like a baby, I ended up with a diaper rash.

3. Prenatal Vitamins

One A Day Women's Prenatal 1 Multivitamin, Supplement for Before ...

I had no idea I had to continue taking my prenatal vitamins after giving birth!

4. Pain Killers

Tylenol Extra Strength Pain/Fever Relief 500mg - 100 caplets ...

These were essential to elevate some of the pain I had “down there”

5. Cold Packs

Amazon.com: Frida Mom 2-in-1 Postpartum Absorbent Postpartum ...

These were 100% a lifesaver for me! They felt AMAZING and helped so so much!! Which leads me to the next item:

6. Tucks Pads

Amazon.com: TUCKS Medicated Cooling Pads 100 Each (Pack of 3 ...

These were another item I used for weeks on weeks on weeks!! These helped my healing process SO much!!

7. Nipple Cream

Amazon.com : Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Soothing Cream 40 Grams ...

My nipples were so so raw this cream was an essential for so many weeks and went everywhere with me!!

8. Coconut Oil

Amazon.com: Garden of Life Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil ...

Oh my goodness did this help SOOOO much!! Again, I needed to heal “down there” as well as up top! I went through so many tubs of coconut oil! As soon as it would dry up and absorb into my skin I would add more! This was so needed!

9. Sitz Bath Salts

Amazon.com : Sitz Bath Salt – Postpartum Care and Hemorrhoid ...

I never used the sitz bath (pink bucket) the hospital provided me, but I did sit in the bath with the water constantly running and draining. I did this each day I had the chance to help the healing process “down there”

10. Donut Cushion

Comfort Foam Hemorrhoid Donut Seat Cushion – Grey - Chesna

This was not provided by the hospital but definitely needed for the first 2 weeks or so as sitting definitely hurt where I had stitches.

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