Santa’s Village + Covid + 10 Month Old Baby – The Good, The Bad, and Everything in Between

I’m back from my stay-cation!! I took a little over a week off to spend some time camping with my family! But I’m back and refreshed and ready to work! I wanted my first blog post back to be about our experience from one day of our vacation: Santa’s Village!!

My husband, daughter, and two nieces made the 2 hour drive to Jefferson, NH to spend the day at Santa’s Village. Being the Christmas enthusiasts that we are it was only natural we spend a day in Santa’s world!

I had a few concerns about going since the Covid pandemic is still in full effect. Would the trip even be worth it? My short answer: ABSOLUTELY!

The park is restricting how many people are allowed in during the day, therefore you have to purchases your tickets ahead of time. This did not end up being an issue for us at all! We bought 4 regular tickets and 1 baby ticket the night before around 9pm. I had no issues at all reserving the day. This also helped keep the lines short and social distancing was extremely easy since the crowds were non existent!

Another concern were how often we had to wear our masks. I didn’t want all our photos to be in masks or for us to be super hot with a mask over our mouth and nose. This also wasn’t bad at all! We only really needed them on inside any of the buildings (which were air conditioned) and on some of the rides. Other than that you could take the mask off. Even with the weather super hot that day and being pregnant the mask did not bother me!

The park is extremely kid friendly! And by kid friendly it definitely caters to younger aged children!! So my 10 month old daughter had an absolute blast!! She was even able to go on a few of the rides; the train, the sleigh ride, antique cars, etc. She was able to meet Santa himself (even though she was half asleep by the time we made it to him). Her favorite part of the day was the water park! This was definitely geared to younger kids! They even had infant swings in one section for the real small babies! She could not stop walking her dad and I all around in the ankle deep water! We spent hours in the water park!

Our nieces are a bit older but they still had a blast as well! They were both tall enough to ride every ride and because the lines were not long they were able to ride them more than once! They also had a blast looking for the Elves throughout the park to stamp their cards they picked up from the Elf University. At the end they traded their stamped cards for a reward! We were also able to go into the Elf work shop where all the kids were able to enjoy some craft time. The oldest made some sand art, the middle made her own stuffed animal, and my daughter used her feet to make a reindeer shirt (her feet were the antlers).

The only down side I thought of the day was the food. I was not a fan of the lunch we got. Some of the other locations may have had better food but mind you we did not go for the food!

Overall this was definitely worth the trip and one of my favorite days with my family! We will be going back!




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