2 Things I said I would never do prior to having kids. Now I am doing both! Can other moms relate?

I can think of 2 topics which I said I would never do or never be before I became a mom and now that I am a mom I realized I am and have done both these things! Before becoming a mom I used to look around at what other mothers do or don’t when it comes to their children. For the most part I would say do what you have to do. No Judgement. On occasion I would look at whoever I was with and say “Not Me!”

  1. I will never let my children do that!

I specifically remember being in a restaurant with my husband and a few friends and while we were waiting for our food there were multiple kids running around, screaming, standing on chairs, etc. They were just being kids and honestly were not bothering us in anyway. But I remember saying if I were to ever have kids I would be intervening and telling them to behave. I wouldn’t allow my kids to act that way in a restaurant. No judgement on that family whatsoever but my personal preference would be to have a bit stricter parenting style with my kids.

Since becoming a mom, and my daughter is still young, I’ve realized its all about survival! I no longer will ever say anything like that anymore! Rather I look at families in situations were their kids may be too hyper or not behaving as they should and I just look at the mother with the “you do you momma” look. Its all about survival as a mother and picking your battles accordingly!

2. I will not be the mother posting photos of my baby on social media all the time.

I used to see other families posting photos on social media everyday of their kid and giving us all an update on their latest accomplishments. I always said that just isn’t me and if I had kids my social media accounts would not be over taken by my children. Here I am after my first baby, 10 months old and every day I post photos of her sometimes multiple photos. I’m not really sure what changed in me but its a way of always having those photos to go back to. It keeps other family members updated on her life. And it’s just fun to see all the other baby photos!

All in all, my take away from this post is to never judge another mother and to never say you won’t do that or be that mom when you have kids! Motherhood is a journey and I am learning every single day on how to take it or how to handle situations.




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