We’re Having A………BABY!

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Once we found out we were pregnant with our second baby when Ellie had just reached 7 months old; I knew I would feel differently about many things than I did with our first.

One of the things I knew would be different is that I wouldn’t want a baby shower. I always feel guilty having other people buy things for us and there really is not much more we need. Ellie is still so young and we can reuse or share a lot of the items we already have with our second baby. Sure there will be a few items will need but not enough to host an entire baby shower. We also are due a month before Christmas so whatever we don’t have I’m sure we will get at Christmas.

With Ellie we did not do a gender reveal party because I was too excited I wanted to know as soon as I possibly could. With the second baby I feel like I could wait until we give birth before finding out the gender. To compromise, we decided to have a gender reveal instead of doing a baby shower.

At our anatomy ultrasound we told the technician we didn’t want to know the gender but would like for her to write it down and put it in an envelope. She made us close our eyes during that part of the exam. Once we had the envelop in our possession I wanted to drop it off with a friend so we wouldn’t be tempted to look at it.

Since many of us ride Harley Davidson motorcycles we decided to purchase burnout powder from Poof There It Is Gender Reveals. We purchased the bags as “secret” and our friend emailed the company with our order number, name, and results of the gender.

The day came to host the gender reveal for baby number 2 and nobody knew the gender except for our one friend; not our parents, not Josh or I, nobody. My dad, my brother, and my husband all got their bikes and went to the road. We all followed on foot and waited for the burnout show.

What Did I Expect?

This entire pregnancy is significantly different than my first pregnancy but for some reason I had the suspicion it was another girl. I can’t explain to you why I thought this but I just had the feeling. When people asked me what I wanted I wasn’t really sure. A healthy baby is all I can really hope for. But I then started thinking it would be nice to have a boy, this way we would have one of each. I felt if we had another girl I would feel tempted at some point to try again for a boy. And given my PPD history and not knowing how bad it will be with the second baby I am not sure a third child is going to be the best idea. If we had one of each now, I may not have that temptation to have a third child.

My husband swore up and down he saw a “set” on the ultrasound and he felt he knew we were having a boy.


The burnout smoke blew pink! We’re having a second girl! This may mean we may feel tempted (in the future!) to try for a third. But there are many positives about having another girl! I definitely do not feel guilt for not wanting a baby shower now! We really don’t need much!

Check out my Instagram page for more photos/videos from the reveal day!





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