My babies first birthday is for me too!

With my daughters first birthday approaching it has me reflecting! I have been planning and preparing and it has me thinking from time to time – Am I doing too much? At first I kept telling myself no, it’s her birthday, it’s meant to be celebrated.

Recently I’ve realized my babies first birthday is for me too. That goes for all mamma’s! Your babies first birthday is for you too!

A year ago those 12-18 month clothes seemed huge, I felt we needed all things baby, my pre-pregnancy clothes seemed like they would never fit again! I never really thought postpartum depression would effect me but it did. And almost 12 months later I’m still dealing with the affects those early months had on me. I’m still a work in progress! The past year has been the hardest year I’ve yet to experience! It also was a year filled with my most important work – raising a human being!

Sure, my babes first birthday is all about her! I get that! she has learned so much in the past 365 days! From all the little milestones, all the bumps and bruises, learning to eat, roll over, walk, babble, smile, she has put in some major work this past year!

But so have I and I feel mamma’s should celebrate everything they have been through the first year with their first baby! Get yourself a smash cake! Celebrate right along side your baby! Reminisce on the year of accomplishments – for you BOTH! After all you both are on this journey together and have so much further to go!

Enjoy and plan that party Mamma!




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