Expectations vs. Reality of Motherhood

I couldn’t help but think about the life of motherhood when I read a comment on one of my photo’s about how my daughter is always happy and smiling. “But she isn’t ALWAYS happy” I thought to myself. Is that what I am portraying on my social media accounts? I think we all tend to take photo’s of life’s best moments and post them to facebook or instagram. You never think to reach for your camera when your child just fell and hit their head, or is screaming and crying for no reason, or when the house is a complete disaster with piles and piles of laundry and dishes.

But this is reality! We all have been there so why not talk about it? why not share life’s not so great moments? It’s normal! Here are some expectations I may have had about motherhood vs. the reality of motherhood.

Expectation: What my kids will eat. Healthy!

Reality: If she’ll eat it it’s fair game!

Expectation: Being a mom may get hard but I’ll have it together!

Reality: Mom guilt is real! Some nights you just need to sit in a room alone and cry it out!

Expectation: I will not change after having kids.

Reality: After giving birth I swear my body underwent a chemical change and I myself am a different person!

Expectation: My kids will never do that!

Reality: Kids also have emotions and feelings as well. They will act out from time to time!

Expectation: To live a perfect life, motherhood and marriage, just like those on social media!

Reality: Nobody’s life is perfect. Sure, their social media accounts may portray that but we all go through those tough moments.

Expectation: My marriage will not change after having kids.

Reality: My marriage is a different relationship now than before we had children!

The reality is this is life. The more you accept that not everything will go as planned and not every moment will be enjoyable, the easier time you will have with accepting your life. Motherhood is all about survival, especially those early days! Don’t compare yourself to other moms! Ask advise, talk about experiences, see how they would approach a situation, but don’t compare!




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