Covid-19 is a challenging time for all, especially kids. Mother’s and kids do not need the opinions of “Karen’s” when out and about!

I wanted to vent a bit about Covid-19 and kids! Now I know there are a lot of different opinions around the topic of Covid; is it real, is it a scare tactic. That’s not the point of my post, I don’t want to go down that road. However, I do not understand why random people want to bring kids into this topic.

When you see a mother out at a store why would you feel it is necessary to comment on whether or not the child is wearing a mask?! You are not familiar with their situation or reasoning. You are not Covid enforcement! I understand you may have reasons you need someone else to wear a mask to protect you but why can’t you just keep you distance then? Why do you want to bring a child into the situation?!

We were out shopping at a local store for a backpack carrier my husband had been wanting for a while. We had our masks on but Ellie being under 1 did not have a mask. While we were in line to check out the man in front of us kept looking back at us, I wasn’t exactly sure what his infatuation with us was so I just ignored it. Eventually he was next in line and as expected everyone in the line moved forward. Our stroller with our daughter in it was over the sticker on the ground. Rather than the man just taking a step forward (since nobody was in front of him) he felt he needed to look at me and say

“Whoah! you are way past your mark!”

My husband and I both shocked by this mans rudeness neither of us said anything right off. So the man felt the need to continue and say

“We don’t need kids getting sick! Use your head!”

That’s when I knew he was more annoyed Ellie did not have a mask on and that’s why he kept giving us looks in the line. My husband had some words with this man and we found out he was from out of state, he was purchasing 2 shirts (which he definitely could have ordered online and had sent directly to his door since he is so scared).

I’ve heard other stories from other peoples experiences as well of people getting into it with kids being in public. I’ve been judge for bringing my daughter to daycare during this time. My entire point is why do people feel the need to butt into someone else’s life, especially when it has to do with kids who do NOT belong to them!

Why can’t these people just mind their own and walk away?! What makes them feel they need to say something? And why can’t they be nice if they are to confront someone?! The world today is already so different and children are probably having a harder time adjusting then most of us! Let’s let mothers make the decisions for their children and please remember your opinion was not asked for!!




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