Bath Time Fear at 10 months old – How I Identified and Resolved the Problem

Bath time has yet to be an issue for us. In fact, Ellie loves taking a bath! We had a solid routine where she would take a bath each night. She knew what to expect each night and it worked for us. We don’t necessarily use soap every night, she may not need it or I didn’t want to have to worry about her skin drying out. Bath time has been nothing but fun for her!

And then at 10 months old, out of nowhere, she really hated her baths! I mean like torture! Baths were an absolute struggle every single night! She no longer would sit down in the bath, she would hear the water turn on and instant tears and panic would hit. I had no idea why things all of a sudden changed.

I did some research into it and found that it can be a sensory overload and babies around 1-2 years of age can go through a phase of having a fear of baths. True or not, I don’t know, but it did seem to describe what Ellie was going through!

So how do we fix it?

I found so many ideas of how to change up bath times to help your baby lessen their fear. I tried one simple change and it worked! Literally the first trial bath time worked! We haven’t had an issue since.

What did I do?

One thing I found is that babies can have a sensory overload during bath time. The sound of the water running can be too loud for their ears, the water touching their bodies, the water running down their face, etc.

For Ellie I used to fill the tub and then put her in once i knew the water temp was ok for her. Now I put Ellie in an empty tub and start the water so she can see and feel the water gradually increasing. I can also adjust the water temperature as needed and make gradual changes if needed. She sits in the tub again! She doesn’t cry during the bath anymore!

Such a small change but a huge difference for our baby! It was also a great reminder for me that she is still human and she does have all 5 senses, and those senses may even be even more heightened than an adults as she is using all of them everyday as she learns all about this crazy world.




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