She’s a Sweet ONE!!!

Elliana turned ONE!!

We had an ice cream themed birthday party for Ellie on her first birthday (which just happened to fall on a Saturday).

I bought a 10 X 30 party tent with walls for her birthday. I’m glad I did because we had a passing shower during her party! I figured I’d purchase one for future events we have as well!

Most of the decorations I bought from Etsy! The high chair skirt, banner backdrop, balloons, Happy birthday banner, etc.

We used our wooden cooler for the ice cream cups. We also dug out our tablecloths from our wedding to place on the tables! It worked out perfectly since they were white and blush pink, it kept to our pastel color theme!

I ordered 2 dozen cookies for the party.

Ellie had two cakes for her party! This one was for everyone to eat! Absolutely delicious!

This was the cake for Ellie to eat as well as some of the cupcakes we had ordered. We had a total of 2 dozen cupcakes!

Josh and I had special shirts to wear for the day!

Ellie also had a special outfit! she had 2 matching bows as well but kept taking them off!

I had purchased a bounce house for her rather than renting one. I figured they price was about the same and we can use the bounce house over and over at all events in the future as well! This held up well! Even being pregnant I can get in it with Ellie and bounce around and it will hold me no problem!

We also had a pastel ball pit set up for the kids! We didn’t get pictures of that before the rain started. We moved it under the party tent during the rain shower to prevent the water from collecting at the bottom.

Overall, it was a successful fun birthday party for our first baby! Most everyone said I did too much and went overboard with it. But that’s just me! And is it ever too much when it comes to your baby?

One thing I did buy way too much ice cream! Ellie doesn’t have many kid friends yet and the adults didn’t eat much of the ice cream. My husband says its ok we have left over ice cream because its more for him to eat now.

The absolute best part of her entire birthday weekend was the next morning when she woke up, we brought her downstairs to eat breakfast and she was completely shocked to see the living room was still filled with all her gifts! I honestly believe she thought everyone brought toys over and would take them home with them when they left. She was beyond shocked and excited when she saw they all were still here!




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