The First Dental Visit For Our One Year Old!

Ellie had her very first dentist appointment! It seemed a little silly since she only has 4 teeth on the top and 2 teeth on the bottom. But it was great to get her used to this oral hygiene thing and I learned a lot myself while being there.

I learned she is late on teeth, meaning they would expect her to have more teeth erupted by now. They are not concerned at all about it but said they would expect her adult teeth to also be late. If not and her adult teeth came early then they would raise some eyebrows.

I also learned she has a chipped front tooth! How she did that I have no idea! I didn’t even know it was chipped until they brought it to my attention and showed me. They said its also not something they are concerned about at this time. I asked if it is hurting her and they said no.

I also learned to brush her teeth its much easier to have her laying across two peoples knees with her head on the lap of the person brushing her teeth. So my husband sits holding Ellie facing him, he lays her back on his knees and rests her head down on my knees. I then can brush her teeth and get a good view of the inside of her mouth as well! All while he can hold her arms so she can’t stop me.

The best part was the end when the dentist gave Ellie a rainbow colored unicorn stuffy. She wouldn’t put it down for days! Slept with it at night and everything. She was so proud of herself and took a lot of pride in the reward she received!




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