Newest pregnancy diagnoses – Gestational Diabetes

The dreaded glucose pregnancy drink; yeah, I had to drink it twice! With my first pregnancy and my current pregnancy. Both times I failed the first test and needed to go back for the 3 hour test.

The drink isn’t great but the worst part was having to have your blood drawn 4 times within 3 hours. I also had blood work just 2 days prior to this testing, so my arms were feeling it by the end of this for sure.

With my first pregnancy, my 3 hour glucose test was a pass! With this pregnancy I failed both glucose tests. Three hours after drinking the glucose drink a normal blood sugar levels should be 140 mg/dL or below and mine never dropped lower than 162 mg/dL.

I now need multiple appointments with the diabetes doctor (on top of my prenatal appointments) until the end of my pregnancy. As of right now I do not need insulin. I need to watch what I eat and check my blood sugar levels after each meal. I need to keep my levels below certain levels but also should not let them drop too low.

The whole process of gestational diabetes is new to me and I’m just taking it day by day. There are risks later on for me to develop diabetes as well as my baby. There are proactive ways to help prevent that but as for now I do not want to stress about future issues that may never occur.

I will keep everyone updated on my gestational diabetes diagnoses as the updates come!




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