The Reason Behind The Blog

I’ve been getting comments on my blog from people while I am out and about. “I love your blog posts!” “I’m so glad you shared this, I was wondering about that!” Even just the simple… “You’re doing great!” These comments are the exact reason I wanted to start this blog! While I was pregnant withContinue reading “The Reason Behind The Blog”

My Truth About Breastfeeding – Its not all Sunshine and Rainbows!

My entire pregnancy and at many prenatal appointments I was asked if I would be breastfeeding my new baby. I always answer “Yes, if I can” I would get a nod of approval from whomever asked and we would move on. My perception of breastfeeding was simple; its part of nature, the mother and babyContinue reading “My Truth About Breastfeeding – Its not all Sunshine and Rainbows!”

The one thing I wish I knew

As a first time mom there are so many things people explain to you or tell you of what to expect once your new baby comes. However, if I could go back to being pregnant for the first time, the one thing I wished someone talked more with me about was breastfeeding! So many peopleContinue reading “The one thing I wish I knew”