Santa’s Village + Covid + 10 Month Old Baby – The Good, The Bad, and Everything in Between

I’m back from my stay-cation!! I took a little over a week off to spend some time camping with my family! But I’m back and refreshed and ready to work! I wanted my first blog post back to be about our experience from one day of our vacation: Santa’s Village!! My husband, daughter, and twoContinue reading “Santa’s Village + Covid + 10 Month Old Baby – The Good, The Bad, and Everything in Between”

I Need Alone Time But I Miss My Baby

Alone time?! I’ve learned since becoming a mom that alone time is necessary! That break is needed for both mental and physical health! the frustrations, anger, stress, overwhelmed mind all fade after a nice break. I get it, you’re elbows deep in diapers, feedings, tears, naps, cleaning, laundry. A mom break is not as easyContinue reading “I Need Alone Time But I Miss My Baby”

My Favorite Newborn Item

One thing I purchased after having my first child was the Baby Breeza Formula Pro. Initially, I had planned to exclusively breastfeed. That changed after a couple weeks and I began to introduce formula to her diet. Eventually, we found a formula that worked for her and slowly she was completely weened off breast milkContinue reading “My Favorite Newborn Item”

Maternity leave nightmare; living with PPD

I envisioned my maternity leave to be this long blissful experience and a little bit of a break from the day to day grind. I was in for an abrupt, rude awakening! PPD was something everyone told me to watch for when I was pregnant. They never told me what to watch for, or whatContinue reading “Maternity leave nightmare; living with PPD”